Some Interesting Facts About Delhi Metro

The lives of people living in Delhi has changed completely since the inception of Delhi metro. Delhi Metro is overcrowded, it's swarming with pickpockets and there are frequent technical glitches. Yeah, we know all these things. But is that all we need to know about our favorite ride around the national capital. Here are 10 interesting facts about our metro that you probably did not know!

1. Punctuality: The Delhi Metro is punctual 99.7% of the time, and the train status can be checked by any commuter.

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2. Environment friendly: Did you know DMRC harvests rain water on its blue line? It conserves water as an environment measure.

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3. No dustbins: The DMRC stations and platforms look spick and span despite the fact that there are no dustbins anywhere (apart from the restaurants).

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                                                                                                                                                                   4. Distance covered by Delhi Metro: The Delhi Metro network consists of a total of 200 trains covering a total distance of 69,000 kms every day. To put things into perspective, the earth's total circumference is 40,075 kms.

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5. Publishment:  The first phase of the Delhi metro was scheduled to complete in 2009, but it got completed in 2006 itself – three years ahead of its time.

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6. Popularity: In 2014, Delhi Metro was ranked the second most popular metro system globally. The first was New York.

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7. Announcers: The female announcer (in English) is voiced by Rini Simon, while the male announcer (in Hindi) is voiced by Shammi Narang.

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8. Neutral Zones: You call them power cuts, DMRC calls them power shifts! The momentary power lapses where lights and AC go off at certain stations are actually 'power shifts'. These designated sub-stations a.k.a. neutral zones supply power to the metro since it can not get the required 25000 volts from a single station.

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9. Always with you: DMRC takes care of your journey even after you deboard the train. A lot of metro stations provide bicycles on rent for as meagre as Rs 10 for 4 hours. Just don't forget to carry a valid ID proof.

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10. Achievements: The UN certified the DMRC as the first metro and rail-based system that gets carbon credits for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It reduces pollution levels of Delhi by 630,000 tones per year.

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