PadMan’s Dream Comes True! Sanitary Pad Vending Machine Now At Bhopal Railway Station

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Bhopal Junction railway station has installed a sanitary napkin vending machine, becoming the first station in the country to do so. Named "Happy Nari", it is an attempt at providing sanitary pads to women at an affordable price. Akshay Kumar's film Padman is well-made, the writing is generally neat. Padman is by no means a bad film hiding behind the cloak of social relevance.
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Talking about this initiative Shobhan Chaudhri, Bhopal’s Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) said:-
When the plan was chalked out to install the machines, we studied several areas of menstrual hygiene and were shocked to know the low awareness levels especially among the rural women. We also found out in a local survey that the demand for sanitary napkins is huge in urban areas but due to the affordability issue they are forced to use other means that hamper their health.
The machine is unique in the sense that it dispenses two sanitary napkins at a cost of Rs. 5. Interestingly on the very first day of its inauguration, it had to be refilled eight times as over 600 napkins were purchased by railway travellers and poor women living in slums around the station. The machine accepts Rs. 5 coins and dispenses two pads in one go.
The dispenser has the capacity to hold 75 pads at any given time, and is refilled by a trained employee at the station. On the first day, over 600 pads were purchased, and the machine was refilled nine times. Over the period of three days, the number of pads bought went up to 2,000. The extraordinary response from women highlighted the need of a sanitary napkin dispenser at the station and other public places.



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