Pics: This Amazing Insta-Page Will Make You Fall in Love With Indian Railways

Indian Railway - one of the world's largest railway system that runs over 12,500 trains every day - is more than just the country's transport lifeline. For the 23 million passengers who use it daily. Capturing the nostalgia associated with the train travel in India is a crowd-sourced community page on Instagram titled "Window Seat Project" which has been ruling the social media platform for quite some time now. The pictures and their catchy captions will convince you to start travelling by railway once again.

indian railway pnr

With more than 20,000 followers and 654 posts, the community page is a melange of emotions and scenarios, from the endless sea to lush forests and woods, from food vendors to passengers and from railway platforms to the interiors of the train - all captured through the camera. Some of these exquisite pictures are in monochrome while others are in color.

irctc train status

Let's checkout some of the interesting pictures from 'The Window Seat' :-

spot train

train pnr status

train booking

live train

train schedule

train video


track train

train running

train times

indian train

Courtesy :- Shanu Babar's 'The Window Seat Project'.


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