No Entry for Drunk Commuters

Taking note of the nuisance inebriated people on-board could cause fellow passengers, the Kochi Metro Rail Limited has banned drunken commuters from travelling in metro trains. Special squads will be deployed to monitor passengers at security checkpoints. Not only is there a ban on drunken commuters, but passengers are also forbidden from carrying spirits and inflammable liquids in all forms, including sealed liquor bottles.

Similarly, liquor bottles cannot be taken inside stations, which are no-smoking zones as well.


The commuters also cannot have food inside coaches. Activities such as playing loud music inside coaches will not be permitted.

The offenders will face action as per the Metro Railway Act, 2002 ,which stipulates fines and in some cases jail sentence for offences committed on the metro. Anyone indulging in sabotaging the train or maliciously hurting or attempting to hurt other passengers while travelling can face imprisonment up to 10 years.

While the minimum fine for offences such as travelling in an inebriated condition will be Rs. 500, pasting posters or drawing graffiti on the walls of stations or trains will invite a fine of Rs. 1,000 or imprisonment of up to six months.


Spitting on metro premises is punishable by a fine of Rs. 100.

There is a list of ‘Dos and don’ts’ for commuters while they are at the automatic fare collection gates, at platforms and inside trains. The ‘don’ts’ inside the train include scratching or mutilating any signage on the train, squatting on the train floor, drinking or eating on the train, and smoking on train or at stations.

Passengers are barred from picking up belongings that fall on the track, and should alert a metro official.


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