Here’s What it’s Like to be on The Metro Line

For the past week or so, the conversations of many residents of South Bengaluru centered on the opening of the new Green Line from Yelachenahalli to Kempegowda Station and beyond. Come Monday — the first working day after the completed Phase 1 was inaugurated — and many made their way to the Metro station closest to their homes, with Yelachenahalli turning out to be the busiest station on the route. What unfolded, however, was a lot of confusion, which led to delays, so much so that people wondered if taking the Metro to work was really an easier alternative to going by road.


Excited passengers, many of who took pictures at the station, were at the receiving end of the teething troubles that the authorities were facing.

There is parking near the Yelachenahalli Metro station, but it is yet to be tiled. Owing to the rains, there is a good chance that you might return to find your car/bike stuck in slush.


Bangalore Times took a ride from the Yelachenahalli Station to MG Road with actors Manvitha Harish and Suraj Gowda at 8 am on Monday. The ride till Kempegowda Station was pleasant, but once you make the switch to the train headed towards Byappanahalli, be prepared to squeeze your way in and remain stock-still for at least two stops. This will remind you of a ride on the Mumbai local train. Get set to wait in long queues as well just to board the train during rush hour at the Kempegowda station, where you will most likely have to wait for a couple of trains to pass before you can board one. Guards work hard at this interchange station to manage the crowd, so be mindful and don't try to forcibly make your way into the train; another will come along in a matter of minutes. Adding a few more coaches on this route will go a long way in easing the rush.


While authorities need to address issues, we need to do our bit and give them some time to get over the teething troubles. For instance, purchase a smart card so that you can skip the ticket queue. They are valid for five years and can be topped up at your convenience. Although you may be in a rush to reach work/home, stick to the queues at the platform and wait for people to alight before forcing yourself in. If it is possible, avoid traveling during peak hours; if not, keep some buffer time to ensure that your ride is easy and you reach work/college on time. Despite these issues, the ride on the Metro is certainly less stressful than battling peak-hour traffic on Bengaluru roads. So, go ahead and give the Metro a shot.


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