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The Metro rail in India has become a boon for its citizens. India is well on its way to create a world-class MRT system as an integral part of community infrastructure development in the country. Commuting has been made easier for railyatri and traffic jams reduced considerably. The Rapid Transit system in India consists of metro, monorail, and light rail system. 

The Rapid Transit in India has quite been a hit with the residents in most of the cities where it is present, as the number of railyatri has expansively increased. The metro provides a very high carrying capacity of railyatri, at a high speed with minimum pollution. Metros are known to serve the old, congested and thickly built up areas where normal traffic is at its worse.

Metro Rail in IndiaYear
Kolkata Metro1984
Chennai Metro1995
Delhi Metro2002
Metro rail first started in Kolkata in 1984.The second rapid transit system was introduced in Chennai which started in 1995. Delhi metro was India's first modern metro and third rapid transit system in India overall, started in 2002. The government plans to introduce metro projects in all cities which have a population more than 2 million. Metro projects are meant to cater to cities which pose greatest challenges to railyatri due to the location of major commercial markets, traffic nodes, and residential areas. Indian is looking to create a world class infrastructure with its existing Kolkata and Delhi Metro along with that of Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur and Kochi metros. Besides these cities, there are several up-coming and under construction Metro Rail projects in India. 

The viability of metro projects depend upon correct defining of traffic corridors, technology adapted, availability of land, the volume of traffic carried, capacity utilization and acceptance of the mode by the railyatri. Conclusively, transport needs to be made an integral part of urban design plan of any Indian city. A multi-modal transportation system would ensure the use of Metro, to its best potential.


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