UA to Train Indian Railways Staff in Removing Extra Passengers from Reserved Coaches

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Railways are indeed the lifeline for many as it carries almost 23 million passengers daily. All classes of people are catered to equally by the railways. Due to less number of unreserved coaches, it is often seen passengers flooding the reserved coaches without a legitimate ticket. Well, not anymore, as United Airlines has agreed to train Indian Railways in removing extra passengers from the reserved coaches.

The ‘popularity’ of United Airlines is at an all time high as videos showing passenger being dragged off their airplane went viral. Dr. Dao was left with a bloodied face after he was forcefully dragged out of the plane to accommodate United employees. In an agreement signed with the Indian Railways, United Airlines has promised that it will share the technical expertise on how to throw a passenger out.

Faking News reporter met an Indian railway official to confirm the news and he had this to say, “Yes, it’s an honor, because United Airlines is an expert in removing passengers from their seats. They will train us in how to hold the passengers and carry them out of the reserved compartments. They will also do some research work on how many employees are required to perform this task on a daily basis. United Airlines will also guide us in ways to tackle legal issues in case any passenger files a court case against the behavior of Railway employees.”

Indian Railways is also planning on installing LCD screen inside the reserved coaches which will show the passenger-drag-out video of United Airlines to make people aware of what things may happen if they try to flood the reserved compartment without a reserved ticket.

This has instilled fear in the minds of daily commuters and many were seen hiring bodyguards to protect them from the cruelty which will be meted out to them by the railway employees. Other countries, where congestion inside public transport is an issue have also contacted United Airlines to strike a deal with them.

News Courtesy: FakingNews



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