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Train travel is the easiest and most comfortable way to travel throughout India. It can be confusing to navigate the Indian Rail system, but once you figure it out, it isn’t so bad. Unfortunately for Dave and me, we were on a very loose schedule and were interested to go with the flow. We have figured out few useful tips for easy navigation. 

1. If you can’t reserve your seat, what can you do? 

India’s trains are always overbooked. You have to reserve seats in advance using the Indian Railways Enquiry System. It can be frustrating when you are number 2 and 3 on the waitlist - check the PNR Status anytime using the Indian Railways Enquiry. But, there is hope. 

Before boarding, buy a general class ticket to the destination. We asked the train captain if there are any AC Chair, 3A or 2A class seats available and he sticks us in an empty one as he carries the chart with the PNR Status. You will have to pay the upgrade this is all completely legitimate. Beware, sometimes men pose as Indian Rail employees, try to scam tourists.

2. Know the Train# you are booking a general class ticket

For example, when buying a ticket to Delhi, you need to know the express train with AC cars. We saw other trains going to our destination and hopped on the first one that arrived. It was a general class train that stopped at every single remote train station. Indian Railways Enquiry System is really very useful in such a scenario. If we had stuck to the train that we tried to book online, we would not have spent hours to reach our destination. Use Railways Enquiry System to check PNR Status.

3. If the entire train is general seating train only, don’t get on

If it is a general train it will stop at every single station along the way. Trains with AC classes stop less. Therefore, India rail info is very essential of the train you plan to travel.

4. Don’t be in a hurry when taking the train

Indian Rail is very slow. The trains stop at stations for up to a half hour sometimes. Just take a deep breath and plan for a long haul. Make sure you have the complete India rail info of the train you are travelling on.

5. Plan your itinerary, book tickets in advance

You can book your Indian Rail Tickets up to two months in advance if you have a set itinerary. You can check your PNR Status anywhere and anytime. The Indian Railways Enquiry System is a very useful tool to book all advanced tickets.

6. Eat the food

india rail info, Indian Rail, indian railways enquiry, pnr status, Indian Rail has guys walking the aisles selling chai and pakora. They also offer full meals of biryani and curries. We love ordering from the guys at the stations selling peanuts. Everything costs only 5 to 20 rupees (10-50 cents) and it is all safe and delicious.

We have enjoyed our train travel experiences and we would love to travel more often. Without a booked ticket, chances are slim to none that you will get out of a place and onto the next destination for fun and adventure in India.



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