20% Increase in Metro Travellers in a Year

Metro has witnessed a 20% increase in ridership over the last year and Ghatkopar station, which has an interchange facility with Central Railway's suburban railway system, is set to cross the one-lakh mark soon. The Versova-AndheriGhatkopar (VAG) corridor was opened to commuter traffic in June 2014 to ease congestion on the Andheri-Ghatkopar Link Road, which has emerged as a business district over the past two decades. The ridership per weekday stood at 3.55 lakh commuters, up from 2.96 lakh in Feb.'2016. 
Mumbai Metro One Private Ltd (MMOPL) official said, “At Ghatkopar, the per day ridership was 94,053 in February 2017, which is an increase of nearly 16% over the corresponding period last year. This shows that more and more commuters prefer to travel by Metro. “ MMOPL has reworked the operating system of trains to ensure that trains are there simultaneously on both platforms to ensure against overcrowding. An official explained, “A duration of 45 seconds is provided to board and alight from a train. This creates great discomfort and confusion during peak hours. So we have ensured that trains are available on both platforms, so people now have two minutes to alight and board the Metro at Ghatkopar. This ensures that the platform remains practically empty even during peak hours."

A senior CR official said, “The only reason for the growth in Ghatkopar is the Metro network. Many people from the Thane-Ambernath-Tit wala belt are switching trains at Ghatkopar. “ In December 2016, CR had pegged originating passengers at Ghatkopar railway station at 1.82 lakh, whereas in 2015, the ridership was 1.72 lakh per day. Originating passengers are those who buy tickets at this station and do not represent actual footfalls. 

The station with the second highest ridership was Andheri with 72,125 commuters per day, which is an increase of 20%. Andheri Metro station has an interchange facility with Western Railway and Harbour line services. An MMOPL official said, “We expect ridership at Andheri to increase further after the opening of the second connector between Western Railway's suburban FOB and Metro concourse. “ The existing connection from Andheri Metro station to the railway FOB takes almost eight minutes as commuters have to take a long detour; a shorter connector has been built now, which will reduce the time to two minutes.

Courtesy: TOI



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