Why Always Stones on the Track?

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Traveling in India is an amazing experience in itself. Passengers get to witness the stunning vistas of nature, sprawling fields, cities teeming with people or endless stretches of land with no signs of any human life. But one thing you almost see throughout your Indian Railways journey are those small stones lying along the track on which your train races.
The stones that you see lying close to the Railways track are collectively called track ballast. It basically forms the track bed on which the railway sleepers are kept. The sharp edges of the stones make sliding difficult thus effectively locking them in place. Is that all the Track Ballast does? Firstly, it makes the track stay in place when super-heavy trains roll on them. Besides it also plays an instrumental role in keeping vegetation in check that might grow around the track. Moreover, it also seals out any water that may be around the track, thus facilitating water drainage around and beneath the track. Excessive use of the Railways track poses a threat to the buildings in the area due to the immense vibrations when these high­-speed locomotives move over them. Also, a loud noise is produced when a train moves at that high speed. In order to minimize these vibrations, a fairly simple clamp technique is employed using a dynamic vibration absorber. As a result the vibrations are reduced and noise is also diminished to a bare minimum.

Indian Railways train status, Railways, Rail Info App, Stones on the track
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