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Indian Railways plans to link up with Snapdeal and other e-commerce giants - will be its next jump on to the e-commerce bandwagon. Under the profit sharing plan, the Railways would allow Snapdeal to set up warehouses and pick-up points across 400 major stations throughout the country.

It is believed that currently shoppers finish all their shopping in before boarding the train. According to a report, Indian Railways plans to join hands with e-commerce players like Snapdeal allowing passengers to utilize the journey time to visit online websites and do shopping which was otherwise wasted. This facility would allow shoppers to continue with their shopping in their reserved compartments, till they reach their destination. This new move would provide a source for the non-fare revenue for Indian Railways. Shopping in the train would prove to a game-changer for e-commerce companies as they will be in a position to cater to half a billion reserved railway travelers annually, the majority who would not have shopped online before.

Under this profit - sharing plan, the Railways would allow e-commerce companies to set up warehouses and pick-up points in the station premises in 400 stations nationwide. The move would benefit both the parties - as it would increase Indian Railways non-fare revenues by 10% to 20%, while e-commerce companies are looking to deepen their presence in smaller towns.

This plan also fits into the railway plan as Indian railways plans to equip 100 major Railway stations with high speed Wi-fi connectivity with the help of Google by the end of 2016. Smartphone with Wi-Fi connection would provide all the rail info to passengers, in addition it would boost online shopping during their journey. According to stats, 60 stations have already been provided with the services. All rail info is available in most of the railways apps and is very convenient for passengers to book and cancel tickets. On similar lines, Railways is also planning to allow e-commerce giants to tap railway passengers in big and small cities. So this would mean that a fully-charged mobile phone would be the key determinant while traveling long distances on Indian Railways in the near future, to utilize these facilities.  

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As this move is considered to be a game-changer, Indian Railways must think and act fast. Below are few supporting facts:

1) The sales volume of Online shopping companies is increasing very rapidly and hence Railways is planning to link up with them. 

2) Today, most of the online goods sold are moved by air as they have a concessional agreement with the freight carriers. If Indian Railways make a proper agreement with these e-commerce players, it could provide much cheaper transportation with a much wider reach, due to the huge network of Indian Railways, spread over 7000 stations. 

3) Currently Online shopping is less than 2% of total shopping done by Indians and is expanding very fast with figures touching 30% in some developing countries. E-commerce giants like Snapdeal are looking for cheaper and reliable transport logistics and are keen to join hands with more economical Indian Railways.

4) E-commerce companies like Snapdeal are willing to get involved with Indian Railways, in providing wi-fi connectivity free of cost to passengers, as it would benefit both parties.

5) Railways have already developed stations and allotted space to companies like Snapdeal, for storage of goods in the Indian Railways premises. Extra floor and building would be built, if required.

6) Indian Railways, together with Snapdeal would prove to be a wonderful combination. Indian Railways would provide a huge number of potential customers and at the same time do the job of transportation of sold goods.  On the other hand, Snapdeal would add value to the service provided by Indian Railways

Railways are also exploring different options to enable transport and logistics. It is also planning to bring in Road Railers – vehicles that can travel on roads as well as the rail track. The government is slowly warming up to the massive economic potential of the e-commerce industry.


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